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An indispensable part of dog show equipment to exhibitors worldwide. A mobile, lightweight combination grooming table and security cage with the added advantage of folding up to a space saving 6 inches width.  

Best In Show Trolleys

A worldwide trading company founded in England totaling more than 200 years of expertise. Ashley Craig Pet Products, "designs all" and manufactures over 95% of the products it sells, therefore making all the product line unique to Ashley Craig. Pet Products Inc. 

Ashley Craig Pet Products

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Artero, Beauty for Animals

Founded in 1909, Barcelona, (Spain), Artero has had over 105 years experience in distributing and manufacturing products for the care and hygiene of your pets and is now present in over 35 countries worldwide. 


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Real beauty goes beyond fluff. Our proprietary line of canine products, sourced and made in the USA, supports a beautifully balanced and joyful life. With a rich heritage in competitive dog shows, we know what makes YOUR dog shine!

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Pure Paws got its start in the dog show industry. After 10 years of being used by top handlers across the world, decided to expand their focus and make sure that every dog, not just show dogs receive safe and high quality products and services


Consistently in first place as the leader in the creation of grooming products for your show dog and cat are the best grooming products you can buy for your pets.