Orthopedic support and off-the-floor comfort. Patented chew proof dog beds. Create your own unique bed with many colors and fabrics to choose from.

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The California, Arizona and Nevada Authorized Distributors of Chris Christensen Systems Show Dog products.  Day of Show is Owner/Breeder handled!  We appreciate your desire for quality products, at reasonable prices, that WORK!  At Day of Show we pride ourselves on understanding your goals and will guide you to the most effective tools and products to help you achieve results!

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An indispensable part of dog show equipment to exhibitors worldwide. A mobile, lightweight combination grooming table and security cage with the added advantage of folding up to a space saving 6 inches width.  

Best In Show Trolleys

The infamous Steve Guitron Dog leads are meticulously crafted, hand braided, tightly woven, and smooth to the touch. Made with only the finest leather and kangaroo for durability & eye appeal.


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